Los Angeles: Giant Piles of Rotting Trash, Rats & Serious Health Concerns

If you don't like where you live, just be glad you don't live in Los Angeles... Unless you do live in Los Angeles; then you should consider moving.

NBC Los Angeles reports:

Rat-infested piles of rotting garbage left uncollected by the city of Los Angeles, even after promises to clean it up, are fueling concerns about a new epidemic after last year's record number of flea-borne typhus cases.
Even the city's most notorious trash pile, located between downtown LA's busy Fashion and Produce districts, continues to be a magnet for rats after it was cleaned up months ago. The rodents can carry typhus-infected fleas, which can spread the disease to humans through bacteria rubbed into the eyes or cuts and scrapes on the skin, resulting in severe flu-like symptoms.

YIKES! So LA in 2019 is just a giant steaming pile of garbage? Gross. 

Rats carrying typhus-infected fleas were found around LA last fall, according to county health department records. The agency did not provide details about where the fleas were found, saying that information would cause confusion and unnecessary alarm, typhus-infected fleas were found on animals waiting to be adopted at the North Central Animal Shelter. 
Between 2013 and 2017, county residents reported a yearly average of nearly 60 cases. That's twice as many the number reported in the previous five years.

This is a serious health epidemic. And it just so happens to be taking place in the same community that looks to Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) for political leadership. Unfortunately Maxine doesn't live in her own district. I guess now we know why.

Last year, a record 124 cases were reported in Los Angeles County.
Symptoms of flea-borne typhus, which can start within two weeks after infection, include high fever, headache, chills, and body aches. Rashes can appear on the chest, back, arms and legs. Fatalities occur in less than 1 percent of cases.

Wow! Life in Los Angeles sounds like a third world hell hole. 

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