Furious UK Drivers Drag Environmental Wacko Protesters Blocking The Road

Videos shows drivers confronting environmental wacko protesters blocking the road just outside of London.

Some of the furious drivers threatened to run them over, while others simple took matters into their own hands.

The UK’s Independent reports:

“Lorry drivers blasted their horns and a female protester was nearly run over by a frustrated motorist as the environmental campaign group blocked roads for a 13th time, on Wednesday morning.
Multiple confrontations occurred at around 8.30am, with demonstrators dragged off the roads by drivers near a busy industrial estate.
About 40 people stopped traffic by the north end of the Dartford Crossing near Purfleet Freight Terminal.
Videos and pictures have shown furious HGV drivers dragging protestors out of the road in an attempt to avoid traffic delays caused by the group. Horns could be heard blaring from multiple cars and lorries blocked in by the demonstration, as drivers began tearing up Insulate Britain banners and even pushing and kicking protestors.”

This is the 13th time they’ve done this, they need to get their asses kicked.

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