Medical Examiner Says Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick Died Of Natural Causes

Another week, another media narrative completely falls apart.

The media narrative pushed in the weeks after Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick’s death is that he died as a result of being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher.

It was repeated by the mainstream media as fact and even cited in Trump’s impeachment trial.

The truth has finally come out and according to DC’s chief medical examiner, Officer Sicknick died of multiple strokes.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the District of Columbia's chief medical examiner concluded that Sicknick died of natural causes eight hours after he had collapsed in his office.

Even the Department of Justice lied about Sicknick’s death. On January 8th, acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen claimed that Sicknick died from injuries “he suffered defending the U.S. Capitol, against the violent mob who stormed it on January 6th.”

Back in February, even Officer Sicknick’s mother was questioning the media narrative around her son’s death.

Gladys Sicknick told the DailMail that her son was NOT struck on the head and as far as they know he died of a stroke. However, she said investigators had been tight lipped with them as well.

She said as the time, “he wasn’t hit on the head no. We think he had a stroke, but we don’t know anything for sure. We’d love to know what happened.”

So DC establishment rushed in to grandstand and use Sicknick’s death to score political points and they didn’t even bother to keep Sicknick’s family in the loop.

Buck Sexton right points out: