Louisiana Inside Cone For 8th Time This Season As Eta's Path Shifts West

Louisiana is within a cone of uncertainty from the National Hurricane Center for the eighth time this season, after Eta's track was shifted westward.

The mouth of the river is just within the western edge of Eta's latest cone issued Monday afternoon, though impacts from the system are still expected to be minimal.

Model disagreements have left the NHC with competing guidance on the future path of Eta. The official track has it drifting northward towards the Florida coast, possibly dissipating before landfall.

Some strengthening is possible as Eta moves over the Gulf of Mexico loop current, which has some of the warmest waters in the Gulf, before dry air and wind shear cause slow weakening.

Forecasters are also watching the Caribbean Sea again for possible development. A tropical depression could form there late this week or over the weekend as an area of low pressure moves westward.

Also, in the Atlantic, a low pressure system continues to show signs of organization and could become a tropical or subtropical storm as over the next few days as it moves over the northeastern Atlantic Ocean.

The next named storm would be Theta, and also break the current record of 28 named storms set in 2005 and tied this year.

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