Tuesday Afternoon Update: 92L Could Be Depression By Late Tomorrow Night

As of Tuesday afternoon, an area of low pressure that the National Hurricane Center has kept its eye on the last couple of days has moved over Gulf waters and forecasts believe there's a high chance of tropical development over the next two to five days.

The system is expected to move westward across the Gulf and the potential area of tropical formation stretches from off the coasts of Texas all the way east to Florida.

"This disturbance has the potential to produce heavy rainfall from the Upper Texas Coast to the Florida Panhandle during the next several days," said a NHC forecaster. "In addition, this system could produce wind and storm surge impacts later this week or this weekend from Louisiana to the Upper Texas coast, and interests along the Gulf Coast should continue to monitor its progress."

The Governor's office has activated a crisis action team to prepare for the increasing threat of a potential tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico.

Governor's Office Prepares Amid Increased Threat Of Tropical Development - Thumbnail Image

Governor's Office Prepares Amid Increased Threat Of Tropical Development

Hurricane hunters are scheduled to investigate the low on Wednesday, if necessary.

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