Waylon Jennings banned by country radio stations

Waylon Jennings - safe

Waylon Jennings banned from several country radio stations

Maureen Rextit - Nashville Fox-69 News (EWN)

December 5th, 2018 04:56 PM EST

Radio stations in Nashville Tennessee are removing all songs performed by one time country music legend Waylon Jennings after being bombarded by email from two human rights groups. The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and the State Wide Suicide Prevention of Tennessee (SWSPT) are working together to get radio stations to ban the artist.

The lyrics to "Luckenbach, Texas" are the issue with these two groups. 

Nancy Bugelward of the N.A.A.F.A. told EWN Fox-69 News; "Just listen to what Jennings wrote, it's fat shaming and it needs to be dead and buried like he is!" 

The lyric that has upset so many is "The only two things in life that make it worth livin', is guitars that are tuned good and firm feelin' women."

Bugelward went on to say "Jennings is telling people, he'd rather die than touch a woman that isn't firm. Well, I'm very soft, even sort of squishy. Should my husband kill himself because I'm not firm?" she asked. Bugelward continued; "That is just sad. Shame on you Waylon Jennings. You should be forgotten."

Two Nashville radio stations have pulled all the music recorded by Waylon Jennings after receiving over 200 emails from the S.W.S.P.T. which supports suicide prevention in greater Nashville. Carl Drake, Vice President of S.W.S.P.T. said; "Waylon Jennings telling people that there are only two things that make life worth living is irresponsible. A horrible message like that can only make people want to take their lives, that is not okay. That is not the world we want to live in." 

Country radio stations WSOX-FM and WNIPQ-FM have pulled all songs by Jennings. The program director of 103.9 FAT PIG COUNTRY said; "Man, I couldn't take all those negative emails. I got almost 160 of them! I have to answer all those. It's easier to just pull the songs. Hell, people don't ask for Waylon that much anymore anyway. Nobody is going to miss "Luckenbach, Texas" and I don't have to fight the NAAFA and the SWSPT."

At last report many other radio stations are considering following suit by monitoring text messages, emails and twitter feeds. This will let them see what songs they can play without upsetting social media and taking the path of least resistance. 

(This story was completely made up by Russ Rollins, sadly in 2018, It's not hard to believe.)

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