Former police chief allegedly used public funds for child's tuition, other

CLINTON - Former Clinton Police Chief Fred Dunn, who resigned in October, has been arrested for the second time in just as many months.

An arrest warrant obtained by the East Feliciana Sheriff's Office alleges Dunn used took $8,089 from the police department's narcotics account and used that money for personal expenses.

According to the warrant, more than 20 checks were issued from the account between Feb. 4, 2014 and Nov. 23, 2016. An investigation launched into the use of the account last month revealed that Dunn had been the payee on six of the checks, totaling $3,408.

Dunn was questioned on the checks last month after he was arrested in an unrelated scandal concerning the unauthorized purchase of several SUVs for the town's police department. When asked, Dunn said the money was used to pay for expenses in drug investigations and awareness programs. He added that he had recovered much of the money from those checks and that the cash was being stored away as evidence. Despite telling investigators most of the cash could be found in the account checkbook, only $1,326 of the more than $3,000 was accounted for.

Further investigation revealed more checks written out to other payees were indicated to have been used for drug investigations but were instead used for other means. One payee said a $1,000 check written to him was used to pay for live broadcast services for a church he and Dunn both attended. Another check worth more than $1,000 was allegedly used to pay private school tuition for Dunn's child.

The warrant also references $1,900 that was spent on a tent bearing Mayor Lori Bell's name for an event and more than $3,500 that was donated to the Charity Christian Center Church for a bicycle giveaway. Several more expenses ranging from $100 to $400 were also referenced in the warrant.

Dunn was arrested on charges of felony theft and malfeasance in office. He was released on bond around noon Wednesday.

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