Tropics Stirring Again?

The National Hurricane Center's tropical weather outlook lit up on Thursday afternoon, with four areas of interest highlighted.

Only one area (shown in orange in the above graphic) had a medium chance of further development over the next five days. A non-tropical low is expected to form Friday over the central subtropical Atlantic Ocean and could become a tropical or subtropical system over the weekend or early next week as it lazily makes it way over open waters.

A tropical wave east of the Windward Islands did not show signs of further strengthening Thursday and dry air and wind shear are expected to batter the system as it speeds westward.

A non-tropical low with gale force winds north of Bermuda shows some signs of organization but that system is also battling dry air and strong upper-level winds. However, the National Hurricane Center says conditions early next week could allow the low to develop some tropical characteristics.

Finally, a tropical wave is forecast to come off the west coast of Africa by the weekend and forecasters say some slow development is possible early next week.

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