WBRZ: State Trooper, 2nd Person Injured In Trooper-Involved Shooting


(WBRZ News 2) A Louisiana State Police Trooper and a second person were injured during an officer-involved shooting early Tuesday morning.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. after the trooper pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation on Potwin Drive at Perkins Road. Authorities say multiple individuals were in the vehicle when it was pulled over.

While the trooper was speaking with the driver of the vehicle, a passenger became "non-compliant" which resulted in the trooper firing their gun. According to a release, the driver and a second passenger fled the scene.

A third passenger is currently in custody.

LSP reports that the passenger that was shot by the trooper was transported to a local hospital for treatment. That person's condition was not immediately released.

Authorities say the trooper sustained a minor injury during the incident.

The Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations was called to investigate the officer-involved shooting and gather all the facts surround the incident, according to the release.


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