LSU Professors Have Doubts About St. George Financial Future

Two LSU professors who spoke Monday at the Baton Rouge Press Club are expressing doubts about the financial future of a proposed city of St. George.

Jim Richardson and Jared Llorens are of the opinion that organizers are overestimating the revenue intake for the city and underestimating the city's likely expenses.

Supporters of creating the city believe St. George would operate in the black, while Richardson and Llorens believe it will face red-ink problems.

“This analysis wold have some merit if we ran St. George like Baton Rouge is run. We’re not (and) that’s the entire point,” Drew Murell, a St. George organizer, told the Baton Rouge Business Report.

Those seeking to create the new city in the southeastern part of East Baton Rouge Parish have until late November to collect the needed petition signatures for a vote on the incorporation.

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