WBRZ: Michael Duca Named New Bishop For Baton Rouge Diocese

(WBRZ News 2) The Diocese of Baton Rouge is getting a new bishop.

The Vatican has announced that Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Michael Gerard Duca to the posistion.

Duca will be replacing Bishop Robert W. Muench who is retiring. According to a release, Duca has been Bishop of Shreveport since May 2008.

Muench celebrated his 75th birthday in December and submitted his registration to the Pope in accordance with Canon Law. He has continued to serve as bishop pending the Pope's acceptance of his registration and the naming of his successor.

Bishop-elect Duca is tentatively scheduled to be installed as the sixth bishop of Baton Rouge on August 24 at St. Joseph Cathedral.

“With gratitude to God and to Pope Francis, and with open hearts and open arms we welcome the appointment of Bishop Michael Duca, current Bishop of Shreveport, to be the Bishop-elect of Baton Rouge," said Muench. "By nature, person, character, disposition, education and experience, Bishop Duca is eminently qualified for this position as one who radiates the love and joy of Jesus Christ."

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