10 P.M. Tuesday: Cindy Strengthens, Rains Remain Biggest Threat

Tropical Storm Cindy remains highly disorganized Tuesday night, but while winds increased to 60 miles per hour, the main threat remains the possibility of flooding rains.

A tropical storm warning area was also extended eastward to include Lake Pontchartrain and the New Orleans Metropolitan area and the Alabama-Florida border.

After spending a good part of the day stationary in the Gulf, Cindy started to inch towards the northwest at 7 miles per hour.

A flash flood watch remains in effect through Thursday night. Rain amounts anywhere from 2 to 6 inches is possible over the next few days and some areas could see even more.

As of Tuesday night, most of Cindy's strongest winds were offshore, though some could be felt along the coast.

Cindy is not expected to grow much stronger, and some weakening is expected as the storm approached landfall near the Louisiana/Texas border Thursday morning. However, most of the activity associated with Cindy will remain on the eastern side of the storm.

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