B.R. Zoo Redevelopment Talk Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Baton Rouge Zoo Sign WBRZ

(WBRZ News 2) BREC leaders are still pushing for a new zoo location, though not everyone is on board.

At an open discussion Thursday, a full room of people waitied to find out more about plans to move the Baton Rouge Zoo and reinvision the Greenwood Park.

BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight presented plans to turn the space into areas for biking, a water park, and trails.

"Overall I think it's going to be a seasonal type of facility," resident Paul Brousard said. "Meaning I only see water, splash pads...I don't know what the use is going to be in the winter-time. So, I think it should be made into facility that's usable all year round."

Some people say the plan has not been thought through.

"We talked about moving the zoo, but we don't have a location," one resident said. "There are so many things in South Baton Rouge, North Baton Rouge needs as much as it can get," another added.

BREC has not determined the zoo's new location, but they said they would like for it to be next to a major corridor.

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