Edwards Hand Delivers Letter To Pence

Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana

(WBRZ News 2) Governor John Bel Edwards greeted Vice President Mike Pence with a letter in-hand as he landed in Baton Rouge Wednesday.

Upon his arrival, the governor presented the vice president with the letter which outlined areas of concern for the state in relation to President Trump's recently released budget.

Edwards focused on Louisiana's medicaid expansion in particular, citing Pence's own decision to expand medicaid for Indiana during his tenure as governor.

"I shared my concerns with the Vice President about the administration’s budget proposal, and I promised to work with him and President Trump to craft a plan that doesn’t unfairly target our state, but achieves our shared goal of fiscal responsibility," Edwards said in a statement. 

Edwards also discussed their shared support of the Jobs for America’s Graduates program, a non-profit program that aims to help at-risk youth.

The governor's letter went on to say that Trump's current budget proposal would have a negative impact on the state economy in the form of economic losses to healthcare providers and industries that rely on the stability of the coast.

Read the letter here (PDF)

Photo: Getty Images

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