Baton Rouge Mayor Delivers Open Letter On Divisiveness

(WBRZ News 2) In an unusual message emailed to media outlets Friday, Mayor Sharon Weston Broome chastised people who, she said, are attempting to fuel divisiveness in the community.

It's not clear exactly what prompted the mayor's remarks, but twice she referenced people or media outlets that “attempt to take us down a path of strife and contentiousness.” The mayor's letter comes a few weeks after the city was on edge over expected fallout following a federal investigation that found two Baton Rouge Police officers should not be indicted for the death of Alton Sterling.

“...I stand against hatred, division, and words and actions that only further divide our community. I do not endorse or support the opinions of any individual or media outlet that would attempt to take us down a path of strife and contentiousness. I write to you today to say that this division cannot and will not be the demise of Baton Rouge,” the mayor wrote.

She continued, “I want to be very clear: I reject any efforts intended to create division and strife in our community.”

You can read the entire message, titled “Mayor-President Broome appeals for unity in Baton Rouge” HERE.

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