Ascension Flood Victims May Get a Break

ASCENSION PARISH (WBRZ) - Homeowners who were flooded out of their home and moved to another property may catch a break.

After receiving several complaints, parish officials are considering waiving the transportation impact fee.

"I just feel let down, I feel let down by the parish that they're imposting this on us," said Denise LeBlanc, who moved two miles away from her flooded Prairieville home.

LeBlanc had to pay a $1,700 transportation impact fee before she could move her home onto the new property.

"We've already lost so much," said LeBlanc.

The fee goes toward road maintenance. LeBlanc says she's paid enough already just to move back to Ascension Parish.

"We could have stayed where we were," said LeBlanc. "We could have rebuilt in EBR parish but we wanted to come back home."

Parish officials said they are trying to address the issue and plan to go before the parish council to waive the fee for flood victims who were residents before August 2016.

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