Nick Tullier's Wound 'Significantly' Reopens

 HOUSTON (WBRZ) – The family of a deputy recovering after being ambushed in July says one of his wounds has "significantly" reopened.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputy Nick Tullier was shot three times, once in the head, abdomen and shoulder, in a police ambush on Airline Highway last year. He is now recovering at TIRR Memorial Herman rehabilitation hospital in Houston.

Tullier’s fiancée, Danielle Mcnicoll shared Sunday that the exit wound on the deputy’s abdomen had “significantly” opened back up.  She said the exit wound, which has not healed in the nine months after the shooting, measured 3 cm (1.11 inches) in depth last week but measured 8 cm (3.14 inches) deep Saturday.

“I really want you to try to picture that,” Mcnicoll shared on Facebook. “I want you to try to picture having a wound that deep in your side and having to suffer with that every day as medical staff has to shove packing inside your flesh.”

Mcnicoll said some days she is infuriated when she sees tears in Tullier's eyes and remembers how the wounds got there.

“We try so hard not to be angry. I have Montrell’s words echoing in my ears ‘don’t let hate infect your heart’” Mcnicoll said.

Nick’s father, James Tullier, shared Monday that the exit wound began to drain but the liquid shows signs of infection. The family is expected to meet with a surgeon Monday.

James Tullier and Mcnicoll continued the call for prayers for Nick’s recovery.

“Prayers are truly the reason that he is still here and fighting for his life back every day,” Mcnicoll said.

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