Endangered Bongo, Twin Monkeys Born At Baton Rouge Zoo

(WBRZ News 2) BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo announced the birth of three animals, a female bongo and Golden Lion Tamarin twins.

The female bongo was born to a 3-year-old mother in the zoo's Africa loop. According to zoo officials, eastern bongos are classified as endangered African Antelopes.

The Golden Lion Tamarin twins were born on April 12 to a 6-year-old mother in the zoo's "Birds of the World" exhibit area. According to the zoo, the female Golden Lion Tamarin typically carries the babies for the first few weeks after birth and the male soon then takes over the task.

Gold Lion Tamarins are also classified as endangered. Zoo officials say there are only about 300 Gold Lion Tamarins located in 72 North American Zoos and around 3,200 remaining in the wild.

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