Arrest Warrant for Former Central CAO

CENTRAL - The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office has obtained a warrant for the arrest of the former chief administrative officer of Central in the alleged forgery of a city contract.

Barrow is wanted on counts of forgery and filing or maintaining false public records, according to the warrant. 

He was fired and asked to vacate his office in August 2015. The contract was found in his desk drawer after he left, according to the warrant.

The contract, an agreement between the city and a local developer that covered March 2015 to March 2016, had mayor Jr. Shelton's apparent signature on it, but he said he did not sign it and did not even know about it.

In comparing the two signatures, it was apparent that the signature on the maintenance agreement was a forgery, according to the warrant.  According to the arrest warrant, it was "obvious" the former mayor's signature in the agreement was a forgery.

The developer said he signed the agreement at a local engineering firm and was witnessed by one of his employees. He added that he was not in contact with the mayor for the project, according to the warrant.

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