IPSO Gets Advanced License Plate Readers  

IBERVILLE – The Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office got new automated license plate readers this week.

The new gadgets will help with finding out who is driving without insurance in the parish.

"This is done so the citizens and people who ride on the roads pay for insurance that's required by law," Iberville Sheriff Brett Stassi said.

The readers are cameras that are mounted on the deputies' units and will snapshot the license plate and send the information to a database. The information takes less than five seconds to be sent to the database that deputies can access from their laptops inside the unit.

If the car is not insured, the driver can expect a notice and fine in the mail. However, if the driver is on the "hot sheet," the deputy will be notified through the database.

"We can have these cameras around the schools, catch child predators in that area, or amber alerts," Stassi said.

According to Stassi, a set of four to eight cameras could cost up to $50,000.

The money from fines goes back to the parish and to pay for the cameras.

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