Head Of Local Movie Studio Resigning

(WBRZ News 2)  The man who spearheaded a competitive production schedule that filled Baton Rouge with celebrities will leave his post as head of the city's large film studio in the coming months.

Patrick Mulhearn posted on Facebook, he is resigning from Celtic Studios at the end of June. Mulhearn was a force in the local production scene, managing a facility that brought Tom Cruise, the cast of Twilight and many others to the city for blockbuster movies.

For those in the scene, Mulhearn's announcement Tuesday afternoon was a shock. And, he knew it, writing: “I know this may come as a surprise… [to] step down from what must be one of the greatest jobs in the history of Baton Rouge,” he wrote. But, continued, “it has been nearly eight years since I took the helm. In politics, that is the equivalent of two terms…and I have always been a big fan of term limits.”

Mulhearn, 41, said he has “too much gas left in my tank to not have greater goals than facilitating productions at the largest design-built studio in the Gulf South.”

It might be coincidence – or perhaps it's deeply rooted – that his resignation comes on the last day of the state's budget year where lawmakers have once again had to deal with cuts. To offset spending, the state has scaled back its previously generous and lucrative tax credits, which helped funnel big business to Mulhearn's movie studio.

He addressed the state's issues and its impact on business in his post.

When conditions are right, Celtic’s big stages on a 40-acre facility in the heart of Baton Rouge sell themselves. Once we fix the film legislation this June to make it sensible and stable for both the film industry and taxpayers, I am ready to put the pedal to the metal to pursue and create new opportunities for myself and everyone else here. I simply cannot do that tied to my current position indefinitely.”

Mulhearn did not directly address what his next venture is.

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