Jury Clears Cops in 2014 Park Aattack

BATON ROUGE (WBRZ) - A jury cleared three former Baton Rouge Police officers who were on trial for abuse of power.

The trial related to the 2014 accusations by a woman who said an officer forced her to perform oral sex on him while two other officers acted as "look outs" at a park.  The three officers were arrested and indicted.  The trio went to trial three years later.  The trial wrapped Saturday at the district courthouse in downtown Baton Rouge.

The jury found Isacc Bolden, Emerson Jackson and Travis Wheeler not guilty.  

Bolden had resigned from the force earlier in 2014, Jackson and Wheeler were placed on administrative leave after the incident and were later fired after being indicted.  

The police department said the two officers who were fired could appeal their termination.  Since Bolden resigned, he has no appeal possibilities.  

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