Penn State Professor Accused of Kidnapping Multiple Women

This might be the worst thing to happen to Penn State since Jerry Sandusky.

A Penn State professor who works part time as a Pittsburgh Uber driver was arrested this month for allegedly kidnapping two women. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's now been accused of kidnapping a third woman.

The third purported victim told police she was standing outside of a nightclub on May 11th when she jumped inside a vehicle branded with an Uber decal.

She gave $10 to the driver, later identified as Richard Lomotey, 36, and asked him to drive to her home address

The woman claims the driver kept asking about her relationship status while he drove her home. 

She told him she, "was engaged and did not want to participate in any sexual activities with him."

According to the victim he held and grabbed her wrist as he drove. She tried to unlock the car doors, but he kept locking them. 

She told the police, "she was so afraid she opened the door and jumped from the moving vehicle at an unknown location." That's when the car drove away.

Two other women claimed to have similar interactions with the man who works during the day as an assistant professor of information science and technology at Penn State University, according to the school website.

A spokesperson for Penn State said, "These allegations are deeply troubling and while we gather more information, he has been put on leave and will not be in the classroom. This is a criminal matter and we cannot comment further."

Just think - people paid this guy to educate their college-aged daughters. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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