Calvin Klein Apologizes For "Queerbaiting" w/ Bella Hadid

Fashion designer Calvin Klein issued a public apology after releasing a commercial for his clothing brand that displayed model Bella Hadid kissing a realistic looking female robot.

The 30 second ad features Hadid and a robot dressed in Calvin Klein clothing while they locked lips. 

Hadid's voice then says, "Life is about opening doors, creating new dreams that you never knew could exist."

Amazingly, social justice warriors were offended by the ad because apparently Bella Hadid is not a lesbian, despite kissing a robot that resembles a female.

LGBT activists accused Calvin Klein of "queerbating" - using gay imagery to attract attention from viewers who sympathize with gay causes.

In response to the news an editor at New York Magazine wrote, "Who is gonna tell Calvin Klein you’re supposed to wait until June for your tone-deaf queer-bait ad campaigns!!" - June is LGBT Pride Month.

Calvin Klein apologized via Twitter on Saturday, explaining. "This specific campaign was created to challenge conventional norms and stereotypes in advertising. In this particular video, we explored the blurred lines between reality and imagination."

The company also said, "We understand and acknowledge how featuring someone who identifies as heterosexual in a same-sex kiss could be perceived as queer-baiting. As a company with a longstanding tradition of advocating for LGTBQ+ rights, it was certainly not our intention to misrepresent the LGTBQ+ community. We sincerely regret any offense we caused."

Word of the day - "queerbaiting": when someone makes statements about LGBT representation when there is none.

US model Bella Hadid walks the runway at the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 8, 2018 at Pier 94 in New York City. (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

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