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Rent Free: L.A. Extends Eviction Moratorium To August Of Next Year

Landlords in L.A. are now demanding that city leaders end the moratorium on eviction as some property owners say it has pushed them into bankruptcy and foreclosure because they haven’t been able to collect rent for more than two years.

City leaders responded to the pleas by extending the moratorium another year after the imposed moratorium expired on June 30th. 

So these property owners have to allow tenants who refuse to pay rent to remain on there until at least the end of August 2023. 

Property owner Liz Reckart told reporters:

“our home has been stolen from us so that tenants, one of whom owns a DeLorean, can go to Burning Man and rent yachts for birthday parties and sail up in hot air balloons. Our home has been stolen from us, not by our tenants, but by the overly broad policies created under Mayor Eric Garcetti and upheld by the majority of our City Council." 

Reckart said she and her husband used most of their life savings to purchase half of a duplex that is now occupied by three men in their 30s who have not claimed a COVID hardship. 

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