Utah GOP Rep Burgess Owens Calls Out Newspaper Cartoonist

Leave it to a white liberal in media to basically call a black Republican Congressman, a member of the KKK.

Just ridiculous and vile stuff.

Owens writes that the Salt Lake Tribune and cartoonist Pat Bagley “compare me to the KKK, the radical hate group that terrorized me in my youth, because I am one of many sounding the alarm of the trauma being faced by women and children crossing the border. This is pathetic. #wokeracism”. 

Burgess added:

"I grew up in the 1960's segregated deep south and witnessed the ugliness of racially fueled rhetoric first-hand. Calling out the human rights abuses at the border is not comparable to the terrorist hate group responsible for killing, assaulting, and harassing my community. The Tribune's unacceptable mischaracterization does not represent Utah's values.”

Utah’s congressional delegation issued a joint statement blasting the newspaper writing:

“the Salt Lake Tribune recently published a repugnant ‘cartoon’ comparing Congressman Burgess Owens, our esteemed colleague and only black member of the Utah delegation, to a member of the Ku Klux Klan. This racially charged, perverse political statement is beyond the pale. We ask that The Salt Lake Tribune immediately take down this horrific image, issue a formal apology, and hold themselves to a higher standard.”