Reporter Harasses Paramedic For Donating $10 To Kyle Rittenhouse’s Defense

Why the news media are rightly despised.

Recently, there was a data breach at GiveSendGo, one of the crowdfunding sites that raised money for Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense.

Rittenhouse shot two people dead and wounded another during the riots in Kenosha.He was it was self-defense and the videos certainly support his claim.

The data breach revealed the details of some of the donors to Rittenhouse’s defense.

Jason Nguyen, an ABC-affiliated KTVX news station out of Salt Lake City, used the data breach to find anyone nearby who donated to the Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund.

He found a paramedic who donated ten-whole dollars to Rittenhouse’s defense fund. So he harassed that paramedic by showing up at his home.

Nguyen ridiculously claimed that he went to the home “to get his side of things.”

Nguyen posted a photo of the paramedic's house with him knocking at the front door. 

He was rightly ridiculed and ended up deleted it.

Ted Cruz’s National Security advisor Omri Ceren wrote in response, “the transformation of newsrooms into political oppo shops - recognizably, with the infrastructure, tempo, ideological aims, tactics, and sensibility of oppo shops - is probably more of a symptom than a driver of our political moment. But as far that cluster of symptoms go, woof.”