This Is The Best Barbecue Restaurant In Louisiana

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Louisiana is known for many things, from its colorful celebrations and music scene to its endless supply of great food, including the Pelican State's take on barbecue. With so many restaurants serving up their take on the smoky cuisine, there are plenty of places to dig in to your barbecue favorites.

Food Network searched the country to find the best barbecue restaurants in each state, including a popular spot in Louisiana. According to the site:

"The American South is rich in culinary history, and slow-smoked meat might just be its greatest export. While Southerners have been smoking livestock since the Colonial days, barbecue has spread well beyond the Mason-Dixon line to states as far afield as Alaska and Hawaii."

So which restaurant in Louisiana has the best barbecue in the state?

Johnson's Boucaniere

According to its website, the smokers at Johnson's Boucaniere are "no joke." If you're looking for a place to start ordering, try traditional favorites like the slow-smoked brisket and pulled pork or sample some of the specialty meats like garlic pork sausage, tasso and boudin.

Johnson's Boucaniere is located at 1111 St. John Street in Lafayette.

Here's what Food Network had to say:

"With an Acadian French name that roughly translates as 'smokehouse,' this old Lafayette grocery store specializes in Cajun-style barbecue. As one would expect, there's plenty of seasoning and flavorful accoutrements. Lori Walls, the granddaughter of Johnson's Grocery founder Arnestor Johnson, reopened the place in 2008, using recipes and techniques developed by her forebears when the original store was opened in 1937."

Check out the full list here to see the best barbecue restaurants in each state.

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