Focus Shifts To Caribbean As Eta Approaches Florida

The National Hurricane Center continues to watch for development in the western Caribbean Sea later this week.

A tropical wave is currently moving westward into favorable conditions for strengthening into at least a tropical depression. If the system were to get a name, it would be Iota.

"Regardless of development, this system is expected to bring heavy rainfall along with possible flash flooding to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and portions of Hispaniola over the next day or so," said the NHC.

It's also unclear at this time if the system will be a Gulf threat.

In the Gulf, Eta is on approach for a landfall along the western coast of Florida sometime in the next 12 to 24 hours. It is no longer a threat to Louisiana.

And in the Atlantic Ocean, Theta continues to move eastward over water and away from the U.S.

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