John Paul Funes Sentenced On Embezzling Charges

A convicted embezzler will spend 33 months behind bars and pay hefty restitution for a theft scheme that spanned six years.

John Paul Funes was sentenced this morning for embezzling more than half-a-million dollars from Our Lady of the Lake Foundation in Baton Rouge.

Funes offered an emotional apology at his sentencing to the foundation and the families of his victims. said of Funes' apology:

The third-floor courtroom was packed to nearly standing room, with dozens of Funes’ relatives, friends and members of the St. Aloysius Catholic Church community, where Funes is a member. He spoke to them all in his apology, acknowledging he “lived culture of lies,” and saying, “Nothing I can say or do will change, lessen or erase the damage I have caused so many.”
“My crimes were awful and senseless,” he said. “But I made the situation worse by creating fraudulent documents … and using the good names of people I knew. The pain, regret and remorse I feel is almost harder to process than the original crimes I committed.”

A later Daily Report story noted that Our Lady of The Lake officials are ready to put the saga behind them:

In a statement this afternoon, OLOL officials say “We hope this provides closure to the community, especially those who Mr. Funes personally deceived. It is a positive step that Mr. Funes has taken full responsibility for his crimes and shown remorse for the harm that he has caused. Everyone impacted by his actions are in our prayers.”

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