Tropical Storm Gabrielle Could Be Hurricane By Early Next Week

Tropical Storm Gabrielle continued to slide across the far tropical Atlantic Wednesday.

Gabrielle's max winds were at 50 miles per hour and little strengthening is expected over the next few days, through the National Hurricane Center says it could intensify into a hurricane by next week.

No matter its strength, for now Gabrielle is no threat to land, with a forecast path keeping the storm out to sea.

Meanwhile, in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico, Fernand weakened into a tropical depression after making landfall Wednesday and the NHC says Fernand could dissipate as early as Wednesday night.

"Although the winds have decreased and the depression will likely dissipate soon, Fernand is still producing substantial convection and continues to pose a significant rain threat to northeast Mexico," added the NHC. "Life-threatening flash floods and mudslides will be possible through Thursday, even after Fernand dissipates."

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