States leaders to discuss budget during special session

John Bel Edwards Getty Images

BATON ROUGE- For the sixth time under Gov. John Bel Edwards, the legislature convenes Tuesday for a special session to fix the state's budget.

In just over a month $1.4 billion in temporary taxes will be expiring, leaving the state in a hole for $650 million.

The special session does come with a hefty price tag, that is why Edwards cut the regular session short ending it last Friday.

On average each day of a special session can cost roughly $60 thousand. According to, February's session cost $42 thousand a day for a total of $642 thousand.

Much of the regular session was spend battling over proposed budgets from both the House and Senate. Edwards didn't support either of the proposals.

Now in the next two weeks, lawmakers must find solutions for that $650 million, or deep cuts to health and higher education, among other programs, would be inevitable.

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