WBRZ Weather: Warmest Week To Date In 2018

From WBRZ News 2 Chief Meteorologist Dr. Josh Eachus:

The week ahead could quite possibly be the warmest so far in 2018. Fortunately, despite several afternoons near 90 degrees, the humidity will take some time to build.


Today and Tonight: Lacking cloud cover, temperatures will climb into the 70s by 8am, and by 10am we will be breaking into the 80s. Highs could tick up to 90 degrees during the mid-afternoon hours with just light, northwest winds. Overnight, thermometers will fall into the mid 60s.

Up Next: Temperatures should stay elevated and hovering around 90 degrees for each of the next several afternoons. Although a dry warmth at first, humidity will be increasing by late in the week as winds come in from the Gulf. This will input enough moisture into the atmosphere for the possibility of afternoon showers and storms firing up over the weekend. A lot could still happen before then, so we will only carry low rain chances for now.

More from Dr. Josh at WBRZ.com

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