LSU outlines new hazing policies, warns of expulsion

BATON ROUGE- LSU President F. King Alexander has issued his response to the LSU Greek Life Task Force's final recommendation on how Greek culture should change.

The recommendations were presented to Alexander Feb. 21.

Twenty-eight recommendations were made at the meeting earlier this month. Among them, moving IFC tailgating to chapter houses from the Parade Ground and also a ban on hard liquor at any events, on campus and off.

As part of his response, Alexander added to the recommendations made by the task force. His additions include punishment for hazing, added transparency at Greek social events, and getting outside expertise from a national firm.

Alexander doesn't want any more "gray areas" when it comes to hazing. In his recommendations, any organization, Greek or not, found to be responsible for hazing will be removed from the university, no exceptions. Students found responsible for hazing will be expelled.

In order to have more transparency at events, university officials should have the right to "spot-check" parties and other events to ensure policies are being followed. If evidence of dangerous behavior is present, the chapter will be placed on immediate suspension and depending on the severity of the issue, face possible removable from campus.

To ensure that university policies, procedures, and organizational structure are in line with national practices, Alexander recommends the help from a national firm. The firm will be expected to not only evaluate existing policies, but also develop and educational program for Greek organizations and to review university organization structure.

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