Louisiana House Speaker Pushes For More Budget Transparency

Louisiana/USA Flag Getty

State lawmakers return to work today as the special legislative session on the budget continues.  One of the items the House could vote on today is a bill that would lead to the creation of a new website that would allow taxpayers and others to keep closer tabs on state spending.  It would be similar to one already in use in Ohio, and in some cases, tracks purchases made by the state down to the penny. 

The expected billion-dollar shortfall in Louisiana's state budget remains a reality come July 1st when the next fiscal year begins and temporary tax measures expire.  "The Times-Picayune" reports lawmakers held a number of meetings yesterday, but still failed to reach a consensus on how to resolve the budget crisis, leaving the door open for massive program cuts.  There are tax bills on the table for a vote in the House today without any certainty of passage.  


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