WBRZ: Viral Video Shows BRPD Chase Outside Cortana Mall

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Man films police chase outside Cortana Mall

WATCH: A video showing a massive police chase outside the Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge has gone viral overnight. FULL STORY: http://www.wbrz.com/news/viral-video-shows-massive-police-chase-outside-cortana-mall

Posted by WBRZ Channel 2 on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

(WBRZ News 2) A video posted on social media shows a police chase ripping through the parking lot of a local mall Monday.

Witnesses say the video was shot outside the Cortana Mall sometime late Monday afternoon. In the video, at least nine police units can be seen chasing a black Honda sedan around the parking lot of the shopping center.

According to the man who shot the video, Cedro Idencio, the chase began around 5 p.m. with officers chasing the driver in circles around the parking lot. Idencio says the cops made several loops around the lot as more police units gradually joined in on the pursuit. Eventually, the vehicle fled the area with several officers trailing behind.

Idencio says police finally brought the chase to an end a short while later and arrested the driver of the Honda.

BRPD said the chase began as a traffic stop, adding that the driver tossed an item from the vehicle during the pursuit. Police were unable to release further details.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the video has been viewed about 250,000 times on Facebook.


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