WBRZ: Edmonson Won't Immediately Respond To Allegations

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(WBRZ News 2) Former head of the State Police Mike Edmonson flipped an opportunity to respond to mismanagement of the state's highest police agency, instead, writing in a response to an audit that an investigation needs to occur into how a draft of the inquiry was leaked – not giving him proper time to respond.

Read the legislative auditor's report here

Edmonson is accused of lackadaisical use of state resources related to State Police – from hotel rooms to his state-owned home to how much he ate and where and how he had his uniform cleaned.

State audits are performed frequently and released in a special process allowing for a response from those targeted in the audit. Though, copies of research on how Edmonson managed his operation were mysteriously released to the newspaper in Baton Rouge and published.  

In a less than two-page response to the audit, Edmonson focused on what he believes was “inherent unfairness” and asked for a separate investigation into how the documents got out.

Edmonson said he will respond to the allegations of impropriety later in January.

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