South Florida, Keys Evacuate Ahead of Hurricane Irma

People are leaving the Florida Keys and the Miami area as Hurricane Irma plows toward the U.S.

Forecasters expect Irma to hit Florida Sunday morning and three counties are already under mandatory evacuation orders.

The terrifyingly huge Category 5 storm is taking aim at Turks and Caicos this morning. The tiny island group southeast of the Bahamas could see a storm surge up to 20 feet, and Turks and Caicos are no more than 10 feet above sea level.

Irma is blamed for at least ten deaths so far. The largest Atlantic hurricane on record, it contains around twice the energy of all of the bombs used in World War Two. That's according to MIT hurricane expert Kerry Emanuel who puts the energy of the storm at around seven trillion watts.

The hurricane has left a trail of devastation in the Caribbean as it heads toward Florida with a possible track toward the Carolinas. Louisiana remains out of the forecast track.

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