Suspect Claims Murdered Massage Therapist Tried To Steal From Him

(WBRZ News 2) Newly released arrest information of a man facing charges for murdering a massage therapist in training this week told deputies the woman tried to steal from him after their rendezvous, so he beat her to death.

Kayla Ann Denham's body was found in a barn on some property at 30709 Dunn Road outside Denham Springs Tuesday. She'd been missing for a day.

Her boyfriend reported her missing after she did not return calls and sent him a text message earlier, reporting that she was set to meet someone at that address but “had a bad feeling” about them meeting.

Denham's car was found in some woods near the home and deputies found her body in the barn after noticing blood in the house when they knocked on the door to see if Denham was at the home.

Christopher Landry faces murder and obstruction of justice charges.

Landry told deputies, he had arranged for a massage with a “sexual favor” from Denham. He said he paid her $140 and then caught her trying to steal his computer bag and wallet when he left the room they were in together. Landry confessed, according to arrest details obtained by the WBRZ News 2 Investigative Unit, that he beat Denham with a pipe and chocked her with his hands. He said he stuffed her body in a container and left it in the barn covered with a tarp.

He said he moved Denham's car to the wooded area from his driveway after the murder.

The coroner's autopsy confirmed Denham was beaten and strangled to death.

Landry remains in jail on a $250,000 bond.

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