One Hurt In Violent Tigerland Street Fight (VIDEO)

(WBRZ News 2) A handful of people were knocked to the ground with some appearing to be rendered unconscious after a street brawl in the Tigerland area.

The fight – which may have involved two dozen or more people – was recorded from various angles and posted on the internet overnight. While it was not clear as to when the video was recorded, authorities confirmed there was a dispatch to a fight with injuries in Tigerland late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. One person was taken to the hospital, sources with knowledge of the situation told WBRZ.

Last year, a WBRZ special report highlighted similar calls in the popular collegiate bar area of the city. Then, The Investigative Unit requested data from emergency dispatchers and found over the course of 12 months, police were called to three popular bars in the area some 183 times.

In a series of two videos posted on Facebook overnight, countless college-aged men are seen fighting with one another as many people watch.

“Every good fight needs a camera man,” someone yells from the background as the person recording documents a few of the people involved fall to the ground.

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