Zachary Man Arrested After Online Threats To BRPD

(WBRZ News 2) A Zachary man has been arrested for making threats against Baton Rouge Police Department Officers and their families on social media.

Louisiana State Police say Thallemus Thomas made a post on social media (WARNING: Explicit Language) in a different name. The post read "It's time Baton Rouge u didn't learn from the police killing n Baton Rouge."  The post goes on to say "we will find the cops and execute them if we can't find them, we will kill one of their family members."

Police detained Thomas and, during an interview, told officers he created the account he made the post on using the name of someone causing problems with him and his girlfriend.  He also told officers he was reading the comments on a post about the recent decision in the Alton Sterling case, became angry, and wrote his post.

Thomas was booked on various charges, including terrorizing.

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