Louisiana Heart Hospital To Shut Down

Because of financial problems, the Louisiana Heart Hospital in Lacombe will be shutting its doors soon.

Hospital officials confirmed the closure Tuesday after several patients expressed concern. The emergency room will remain open, and current patients will still be treated as the process of winding down goes on.

“Despite strong quality rankings and recent volume growth, Louisiana Heart Hospital has faced significant financial challenges in recent years. Like many hospitals around the nation, we struggle to balance shrinking reimbursements with rising operating costs,” said Scott Boudreaux, Chief Executive Officer of Louisiana Heart Hospital & Medical Group. “After many months of careful consideration and review of all available options, it has become clear we can no longer sustain the continued losses and have no choice but to cease operations.”

“This is not a decision we take lightly. As we move forward, we will work to ensure a smooth and orderly transition for patients while attempting to minimize the impact for our employees and physicians.”

The facility is scheduled to close before the end of February.

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