WBRZ: MAGA Hats Big Business For Louisiana Company

(WBRZ News 2It was the fashion of the campaign; a red sea of "Make America Great Again" hats could always be found at every rally for now-President Donald Trump. But did you know the heart of the operation to get those hats and other gear to supporters was located right here in Louisiana?

"This is the signature hat that we made hundreds of thousands of," Ace Specialties CEO Christl Mahfouz proudly explained. "It is proudly made her in the USA, of Cali Fame in California."

Ace Specialties packaged, taped and shipped thousands of boxes throughout the campaign. They are the only official distributor of the Donald J. Trump for President Store in the entire country.

Orders come in online by the dozens. Four big trucks are filled every day, working exclusively with the U.S. Postal Service.

With nearly a million of the hats distributed so far, the "Trump" swag has been a real boom for business in the Lafayette area. The company went from a staff of 10 employees in 2015 to 40 during the election season.

"We've been able to provide jobs for those who have lost their jobs in the oil field," Mahfouz explained.

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Photo: Getty Images

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