'Triple S' Owner Talks About His Meetings With Feds

(WBRZ News 2) For the first time since his meeting with federal investigators and the Department of Justice, Abdul Muflahi, the owner of the Triple S Store where Alton Sterling was killed, is talking about what was discussed.

Muflahi said he's met with federal investigators at least three times, and had to give them special codes to get into his security system that was set up around his store. "I've had multiple meetings with them, and asked a lot of questions," Muflahi said. I gave them my answers, and what I saw."

Muflahi said they listened, and tonight he's confident a thorough investigation into Alton Sterling's death is underway.

He also filmed cell phone video from the stoop of his store, which captured the moment Sterling was shot.

"I never saw him reaching for his weapon," Muflahi said. "I never saw him pull out a weapon."

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