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6:21 AM - What would make someone open fire into a crowd of people, like what happened on Bourbon St. on Sunday morning? Comments from the Chair of the LSU Dept. of Sociology, Professor Edward Shihadeh.


6:41 AM - Staying safe with fireworks with tips from State Fire Marshall Butch Browning.


7:21 AM - A rising number of overdoses from so-called synthetic marijuana. What is it? Why is it making so many sick? Guest: Dr. Mark Price, Exec. Director of the Louisiana Poison Control Center.


7:41 AM - TBA


8:21 AM - President Obama sends more troops to Iraq. We go live to Jerusalem and Fox News Radio's Emily Wither with the latest on the ongoing crisis in Iraq.


8:41 AM - The newly-crowned Miss Louisiana, Lacey Sanchez on what it's like to represent our state in the Miss America Pageant.