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6:21 AM - Why would someone like Robin Williams, who seemed to have it "all", commit suicide? What are the warning signs of severe depression? Guest: Baton Rouge Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Greeson.


6:41 AM - Foreign languages in local public schools have gone way beyond French and Spanish. Guest: Keith Bromery, Exec. Director of Communications with the EBR School System.


7:21 AM - We go live to London and Fox News Radio's Simon Owen with an update on the Ebola crisis and the death of a priest in Spain, and recommendations being made by the WHO regarding an experimental drug.


7:41 AM - The cost of operating a motor vehicle in Louisiana. How our state ranks when compared to others. Hint: We're not #1 or #50. The results of a study with's Stacy Jones.


8:21 AM - Another traffic stop nets a big drug bust on I-12. Comments from LSP's Sgt. Nick Manale.


8:41 AM - How a new website matching employers with job seekers might benefit you with Louisiana Job Connection Exec. Director Kristi Barnett Williams.