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6:21 AM - What time do your kids go to bed?  A consistent bedtime can help their brain-power.  How?  Our guest is a world-renowned neurologist, Dr. Robert Melillo.          

6:41 AM - Will Chantal become a hurricane?  Where is she likely to go?  The latest from National Weather Service Meteorologist Bob Wagner in Slidell.  You can get the latest tropical info anytime from the Demco Stormwatch page.  Go to

7:21 AM - Is there a best seat on an airliner for surviving a crash?  Comments from travel expert Cathi Banks.

7:41 AM - The latest on the Zimmerman trial from Fox News Radio's Eben Brown.

8:21 AM - 400 new jobs are coming to Baton Rouge as CB&I centralizes their government solutions division.  What will this mean to the local economy?  Comments from Adam Knapp, President and CEO of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber.

8:41 AM - Baton Rouge goes green and it's not St. Paddy's Day.  The annual Irish Film Fest is coming to town.  We talk with the festival's co-chairman, Laura McDavitt.