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6:21 AM - TD2 forms in the Atlantic. A tropical update, and an update on area rivers from Ken Graham, Chief Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Slidell.


6:41 AM - Secretary of State John Kerry is back in the Middle East pushing for a cease-fire. Will his visit help ease the crisis? Comments from Breitbart California Politics Editor, Jon Fleischman.


7:21 AM - EBR School Supt. Dr. Bernard Taylor on BR Schools getting behind a White House initiative to improve achievement of young men of color.


7:41 AM - How likely is it that the Common Core debate will be settled in a courtroom? Comments from Barry Erwin, President of the Council for a Better Louisiana.


8:21 AM - The latest on the US response to the growing crisis in Ukraine. Live to Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland in Washington DC.


8:41 AM - DEMCO's preparations to keep your power on in the event of a storm during this hurricane season. Guest: David Latona with DEMCO.