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6:21 AM - What is France's & NATO's reaction to a possible military strike by the US against Syria.  We go live to London and Fox News Radio's Simon Owen.

6:41 AM - Labor Day is in the rearview mirror, so what can we expect to pay for gasoline as we head into fall? AAA's Don Redman is our guest.

7:21 AM - Is Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter on her way out?  Councilman Hugh Riviere is with us to talk about what's next in the recall effort. 

7:41 AM - Can yelling at kids be just as hurtful as hitting them?  Comments on a new study from parenting expert Gloria Mansfield.

8:21 AM - What can we expect to hear from President Obama tonight?  Can he win over the American people and Congress?  Conservative commentator, author, broadcaster Pat Buchanan is our special guest.

8:41 AM - The Capital Area United Way has a new president and CEO.  What are his goals?  Our guest is Darrin Goss, Pres. and CEO of CAUW.