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6:21 AM - Rising student loan debt is keeping many first-timers from being able to buy homes. What does it mean to our economy, and our children? Comments from real estate expert Mark Bloom.


6:41 AM - Can sitting for long periods of time really be detrimental later in life? The answer from the Medical Director for Medicast, Doctors Who Make Housecalls, Dr. Sahba Ferdowsi.


7:21 AM - More and more state laws prohibiting gay marriage are falling. How will our state's elected officials handle it if, and when it happens here? Our guest is State Rep. Pat Smith.


7:41 AM - A major dog fighting operation is broken up in St. Martin Parish with 47 dogs rescued and at least one man arrested. How big of a problem is dog fighting in our state? We talk with Major Ginny Higgins with the St. Martin Sheriff's Office.


8:21 AM - Should Edwin Edwards run for Congress? What are his chances if he does? Comments from Independent Louisiana Political Analyst Elliott Stonecipher.


8:41 AM - Help us solve a crime with Crime Stoppers and Sgt. Don Stone.